About me

Ing. arch. Erik Petrus, Ph.D.

Architect, city planner and theoretician of architecture

I was born in the Czech Republic. I studied architectural studies by two leading Czech architects, Ladislav Lábus at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University (master program) and Petr Pelčák at the Faculty of Architecture of the Brno University of Technology (Bachelor program). Among other things, I studied one year at the Faculty of Architecture in Ankara on Middle East Technical University, in order to learn about another culture and a different view of architecture.

For several years I worked with the world-famous architect Eva Jiřičná, holder of the British Empire. I design buildings around the world such as Indonesia, Turkey, Italy, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, Slovakia, Czech Republic and others.

Currently, besides my own practice as an architect, I am conducting research within the framework of doctoral studies at the Faculty of Architecture in Prague, where I also teach. In my research I deal with the typology of townhouses. As a specific type of housing. I also deal with experimental typology.

I travel around the world and draw inspiration from my travels for my design. I design iconic buildings with a genius loci. My aim is to push the boundaries of architecture further.

Philosophy of my architecture:

I create emotional architecture that speaks to people. I try to make my architecture evoke emotions. I want dialogue between building and human. How architecture speaks is the form (atmosphere of spaces) that architecture creates. The atmosphere is created by moments of surprise, different shapes, colours, proportions. I want human to experience emotions of building. Each building has an atmosphere, some weak and some strong. But I want my buildings to have a strong atmosphere, to become iconic and memorable.

… that’s my mission.